Sunday, 13 July 2008

Murder and abuse cover up in Jersey continues:

All the cover ups and corruption in Jersey, Channel Islands make me feel sick to the pit of my stomach.

I read an exclusive Report on Jersey Child Abuse disaster at ‘Haute de la Garrene ‘children’s home and other children’s homes in Jersey on the front page of the United Kingdom newspaper ‘the News of the World’ today, and find myself horrified to admit that it didn’t hold any surprises for me. Having lived in the island over forty years nothing that happens in the island could now do so. If you haven’t read this article and wish to do so it is online and you can click here to read it.

It is just so disgusting that it leaves one without the real words to express how I and numerous other Jersey people feel about it. They do not want it covered up, full stop. They want as I do to see the Police investigations unhampered by the Jersey Government. They want to see those who have been abuse get justice, real justice, not a behind closed doors cover up job that all too often happens in the island. They want to see those abused get real financial compensation, with real help. Not to have them treated with contempt for being brave enough to come forward and report the crimes which have been committed against them.

There is so much corruption in the island, in all directions, that I very much doubt that those poor people who were abused at will ever get real justice, let alone the compensation they truly desire for the horrendous crimes that have been committed against them.

God only knows how some of the elite in our government live with themselves; they simply cannot have any conscience or souls. Morals, well they are obviously none existent (Money talks end of.)

Don’t those idiots know how the outside world views them and the gross way they have handled the whole situation? Are they really that ignorant and stupid? Well I can say that on the Jersey grapevine the locals do believe that there will be a huge cover up, let’s face it if the British Parliament does not step in and put a stop to this Jersey Government’s legal authorities from refusing to charge those who have committed abused and possibly murdered. I quote from the News of The World article:

Quote: ‘In a separate case recently investigators were frustrated by the island's legal authorities who refused to charge a couple accused of beating their foster children with cricket bats. Despite being told by lawyers and an honorary police officer who reviewed the case that there was sufficient evidence to go ahead, the charges were blocked at the 11th hour.’ End quote: Then justice is very unlikely to be seen to be done. In my opinion at least it won’t be.

Jersey residents who try to stand up against the corruption in Jersey know they are or will be blacklisted as a trouble maker, and know this means that they will never have any real future in the island, and all they have to do to be on this unofficial blacklist is to speak out against the injustice that they see or experience.

If you have any ideas on how this situation can be sorted out so justice can prevail then please do leave your suggestions in the comment section.


Jersey, Channel Islands Income support fiasco.

Income support, don’t make me laugh. I was on the Jersey Rights Association Committee when they pushed the new income support system through.

I read through the whole report on it with horror, as it was a blatantly being introduced in order to rip off the poor in any way they could. If you went through it with a fine tooth comb as I did you knew that a huge rip off was coming, and now it is here, and it is hitting those who can least afford to be hit in the pocket.
What the States of Jersey have done by introducing this rip off income support system is to actually push a lot of people into actual poverty. Those who were on the verge of poverty already living then in relative poverty are now up the shoot without a paddle.

Many are now having to choose between eating and or for example having heating in their home.

I know senior citizens and families who are buying out of date food in order to survive, the cost of living has shot up to the extent that people cannot afford to buy the basic food needs of their children., let alone buy clothes to put on their backs.

Putting GST on everything is the straw which has broken the camel’s back, quite disgusting in an island reportedly the third richest in the world. The average wage report has been fiddled, and the real average wage is not reflected in the states report, it is BS.

The States have taken the average wage across the board, which means that the high percentage of high earners in the finance industry and big business in the island has been used to make the figures look good. If the finance industry workers wages were taken out of the equation and the figures calculated on the average wage of the working man/woman doing ordinary jobs such as, cleaners, waitresses/waiters, shop assistants, road sweepers, dustman, and barmen or women etc, the real average wage of working people in the island would actually shock most people, and I strongly suspect that it would prove that far too many are actually living in relative if not actual poverty.

Wages, pensions and the payments made by income support are well below what is needed to survive in the island. Everyone knows this, people are not thick and stupid, but they are being treated by the states of Jersey Government as if they are.

The wages and income rises of the low earners in the island is not going to even keeping up with the astronomical cost of living rises by a long chalk, this fact is this is what is going to push untold people into the poverty trap. The income support or social security pension payments etc do not cover the basic needs of survival in the island; ask anyone who is trying to live on them.

This coming winter is going to be the biggest ‘winter of discontent’ in the history of the island of Jersey.

I personally am really worried about for example the elderly and families with very young children who are going to have to go without heating in order to eat or vice versa, they will either start starving to death or passing away from hypothermia if something isn’t done to put the system right as the income support system in its present form just won’t cut it.

It isn’t a case of people tightening their belts as one idiot politician who has more money than common sense put it, but a case of the islands elite politicians being so out of touch with reality that they are either too stupid to know what they do or simply don’t give a s**t.

There is no such thing as affordable housing in Jersey, Channel Islands.

To The Jersey, Channel Islands Planning Department, all Jersey States Members, and whoever else it may concern:
From: Linda Corby

There is no such thing as affordable housing in Jersey, Channel Islands.
There is a huge crisis of unaffordable housing in Jersey Channel Islands not only in the number of homes available to senior citizens, those with young families and working people, but also in where their homes are located.

The shortage of affordable housing crisis in Jersey is having a major impact and will have devastating consequences for families, businesses and the larger community. But the lower income and minority families are suffering disproportionately.

The Jersey planning department are not meeting the needs of all sectors of the workforce, and the shortage of affordable housing or should I say the non existence of affordable housing is forcing Jersey born and long standing residence of the island to leave in order to survive, and have a decent standard of living.

If the Planning Department do not take action to increase the supply and equitable distribution of affordable housing Jersey will eventually turn into a Hong Kong look alike, because building untold high rise rabbit hutch sized flats in town (St Helier), which have in the opinion of most blatantly been built for an influx of financial sector workers, and for the wealthy to buy and rent out at exorbitant rents simply isn’t what Jersey residence want or need.

These revolting pigeon- hole flats will obviously only turn into ghettos in the future, they are just not suitable for anyone to bring a family up in.

Don’t tell me that the Planning Department don’t know what everyone in the island knows, how they are keeping up the over inflated housing prices by their course of action. Bringing in over 500 extra people into the island a year to buy or rent what the local people cannot afford, which in turn is driving local people out of the island in a mass exodus.

What is needed is affordable housing for low-income families, proper family homes, with gardens and parking, and not all in St Helier which already has more than its fair share of ghettos and prospective ghettos springing up to blot its landscape.
For too many years it appears that planning in Jersey has been allowed to be done by personality, who you are, who you know, and what you have to offer have all played a role in what has been built in the island (Money has talked.). Big Building Construction companies have been allowed to build near enough wherever they like, and basically whatever they like.

The island plan has counted for nothing when it comes to them, you only have to look at the building on Goose Green, a conservation and flood plain area that should never have been built on is now a place full of overpriced shoe box properties, supposedly for our senior citizens, and as a woman fast approaching this age group I can tell you that I think they are horrible, unaffordable and completely unsuitable for what my personal needs would be, and I am not alone in this opinion.

The attitude toward the lower income and minority families in the island averse the big Building Companies when it comes to giving planning permission can be seen quite clearly. When you hear the former president of planning publically stating at a meeting in St John’s that you had to allow big building companies to have planning permission or they would pull out of the island. This says it all to me, and I say let the b***ards go!

It made me feel sick when I heard the now President of Housing publically say, when home owners in Bellozane Valley were complaining that they were having difficulty in selling and getting a good price for their homes because of the stench from the Sewage Station and the Incinerator. The President of housing’s answer in his wisdom stated that housing should buy these properties and give the owners a good price for them, and then housing could rent them out to States Tenants. This is a typical example and just shows you the attitude of some of Jersey’s so called elite Ministers towards the lower income and minority families in the island.

It is time for change; in fact it is overdue time for change. We need a Planning Department who do pass things for local Jerseyborn or long standing residence. (Not just for the Big Building Companies and the wealthy. (Profiteers, here only for the good times.)

We need to ignore the not on my doorstep, I am all right Jack people who already own their own homes and do not want anyone else to own one in their area. (They are just the haves that don’t want the have not’s to have anything. (Selfish a**holes.)

We need to build or allow to be built proper family homes, not in town for Jersey people, and don’t dare to tell me I cannot use the term Jerseyman because I find it despicable, you can have a Jersey Cow, you can have a Scottishman, Welshman, Englishman or IrishMan, and my husband is a Jersyman and he has every right to be called a Jerseyman, he was born in the island and has a long bloodline of Jersey men and women in his family history, as well as English bloodlines on his father’s side. I would love to see the reaction if you tried to tell all the other nationalities I have mentioned that they had to call themselves European, believe me they wouldn’t dammed well put up with it.

Now I have had a good old moan I feel much better. You (The Jersey Planning Department) asked what the people of Jersey thought and which direction they want Planning to go in, now you know, in plain English from a Jersey long standing resident (43 years) married to a Jerseyman, with Jersey born children, who does have her finger on the pulse of the Jersey grapevine, and who is not afraid like so many Jersey people are to tell you the truth.

I await your replies comments with interest. Linda Corby